top of page is a patented AI technology for weapon detection and threat detection. 

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Threatvision - Weapon Detection Motif patented solution
Weapon detection


Safety & Peace of mind

Below are examples of applied to real-life CCTV camera footage. capabilities include weapon detection, behavior/posture detection, and detecting changes in physical state of the environment to accurately identify threats in near-real-time. can identify the exact location of the threat, draw a bounding box around the detection, and send notifications automatically to mobilize faster response.

It's like having an active security team 24x7 for weapon detection.

Holistic threat detection in near-real-time using artificial intelligence.

Get Instant notification with the photo & threat assessment.

Mobilize intervention and improve safety at your premises.

Weapon detection technology works with existing cameras

Apartment Complex

Hotel & Motel

Jewelry Store

Bank & ATM

Good Karma Restaurant

Sunny, Owner

Fast Food Restaurant

"It's like having my own security team. Threatvision makes my employees and customers feel safe."

Weapon detection and threat detection response

Jude Hackett, Captain
18 year law enforcement veteran

"Threatvision can be a gamechanger in solving crime and saving lives."

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