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Patented Weapon Detection technology.

Enhance safety and security.

Peace of mind for staff, students, and parents.

Improve emergency preparedness. is a patented solution with holistic threat detection and weapon detection technology. As school safety becomes an increasingly pressing issue, provides a powerful school safety solution for detecting weapons in real time using existing cameras.

Our patented AI technology can instantly detect the presence of weapons such as guns on your school premises and send an immediate alert to school security personnel for fast response. With, you can provide your students, staff, and parents with peace of mind, knowing that your school is taking proactive measures to prevent gun violence and improve school safety.

Scenario: If was deployed at the Nashville school, it could have detected the weapons in near-real-time and notified. This is an actual cctv footage on which we ran the model. Patented holistic threat detection and weapon detection technology.

Active Shooter

Weapon detection & Gun detection in real-time.

Patented Technology

Breakthrough Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology.

Real-time View

Coordinate response in real-time as situation unfolds.

Additional Safety

Peace of mind for educators, staff, & students.

Detect risks & threats

Holistic risk & threat detection in near-real-time using AI.


Your video stream is private and you are in control.

Existing Cameras

Works with existing camera system.

Instant notification

Get instant text message with photo and threat details.

Low monthly cost

Annual and monthly subscription plan.

Gun violence in schools in the USA is a significant issue that has garnered widespread attention and concern. According to data from the Gun Violence Archive, there were a total of 34 school shootings in the United States in 2021, resulting in 17 deaths and 57 injuries. is a patented threat detection and weapon detection solution that works with your existing cameras to identify risk in real-time.


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