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threatvision amongst the best of NRF 2022: Retail's Big Show

(New York, NY, January 16, 2022) is changing the way operational and safety risk is being managed in retail stores with its patent-pending technology. Its technology is aimed at combating gun violence, armed robberies, and asset loss prevention.

Crime is a severe issue in the US. Over 100 individuals are killed each day, and more than 1 million are injured across the country due to gun violence each year.

It uses computer vision and AI deep learning neural networks to identify weapons, assess behavior, and evaluate the state of the environment in near-real-time to detect threats.

This technology can be easily implemented with existing security systems in retail stores. It will scan the location for various operational-safety risks and threats, and if a risk or threat is detected a notification is sent to the authorized individuals. Realtime incident video stream can easily be shared with law enforcement. The first responders can see the incident unfold prior to arriving on the scene and can strategize a plan of engagement that is safe for all. has been included amongst the Best of NRF 2022: Top 10 Takeaways. Many industries are tapping into the numerous possibilities of AI technology in order to enhance their operations. “Why not use modern AI technology to help enhance safety of retail employees and customers? By using AI we can detect operational risk, safety risk, and notify the stakeholders for quick mitigation and management. will change the way we tackle operational and safety risk.” says Shajahan Merchant, Founder of and CEO of Amizen Labs, LLC. "We are pleased to be part of the Best of NRF 2022. The initial response and feedback from the retailers and loss prevention community has been amazing, we are in talks with several retail chains to bring technology to their locations." he added.


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