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Cellphone Stores


Employee & Customer Safety

Asset Protection

Asset recovery rate

Inventory shrinkage


Loss Prevention

Its like having a dedicated loss prevention officer for each location.

Improve Recovery

Improve asset recovery rate by mobilizing help quicker.

Real-time View

Coordinate response in near-real-time as situation unfolds.

Reduce Ops risk

Minimize unattended cellphone theft.

Detect risks & threats

Detect risks and threats in near-real-time using artificial intelligence.


Your video never leaves your location without your permission.

Reduce Shrinkage

Get daily inventory count of cellphones available at each location.

Instant notification

Get instant text message with photo of operational and safety risks.

Low monthly cost

All for one low monthly subscription cost. Subscribe today. 

Store threat detection

Threat assessment & notification

Cellphone weapon detection

Operational Risk Assessment

cellphone store threat detection
Cellphone stores improve loss prevention. Prevent unattended cellphone.
Cellphone store threat

Safety Assessment

Store threat and weapon detection
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